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We are currently sold out of all mail order items for the 2018 year. Our next harvest will start at the end of Summer 2019. Please check back again for updates or follow us on Facebook for announcements.

Each year we ship our Asian pear gift boxes from September until they sell out. Each case contains 10 lbs of fresh Asian pears and is carefully handpacked to order. They make a wonderful gift to a loved one or just a treat for yourself!

We ship out each order via USPS Priority Mail (usually 2-3 days) each Tuesday**. Shipping charges are based on zipcode at checkout. Actual shipping weight is approximately 13 lbs per case.

**When choosing a shipping date, please make sure that the recipient will be able to receive your pears. The Post Office cannot refrigerate undelivered packages. You will be asked to enter the shipping address at checkout. If you're sending your pears to a different address, please make sure that the correct billing address has also been included.

Please call us if you have questions about ordering (540) 817-9253

Large Case of Fresh Pears

One Large Case of Asian Pears

This is our classic 10 lb case of fresh Asian Pears!

Please choose which variety of pears you'd like.

$36.99 + Shipping ($11-$46) depending on distance, calculated at checkout)

Pear Variety:
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Virginia Gold Orchard 4-Jar Gift Box

Contains four (4) half-pint jars
Your choice of

  • 4 jars of local raw honey

  • 2 jars of local raw honey & 2 jars of Asian Pear marmalade

  • 4 jars of Asian Pear Marmalade

$29.99/box + Shipping (depending on distance, calculated at checkout)

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Sorry, we cannot ship pears to California or Hawaii. If you are interested in shipping to Alaska, please email us for a special order form.

Virginia shipping addresses are subject to 5.3% general sales tax for gift boxes.

If you have any questions about your mail order, contact us.