Welcome to Virginia Gold Orchard

"Golden Pears, born under a Blue Ridge Mountain Sky…"


The 2019 Pear Season is here!

Please note our NEW hours this year:

Open Friday- Sunday 10am-6pm
and Mon-Thur anytime by appointment. Please call ahead. (540) 817-9253
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Virginia Gold Orchard is a small family-run farm dedicated to holistically growing the very best tasting Asian pears.  We also sell locally cultivated Wild-Flower Honey, hand-pressed Apple Cider Vinegar, and delicious homemade Asian pear Marmalade.

Asian pears are unique, but what makes Virginia Gold Orchard special is the love and care placed into each individual fruit. Our by-hand practices, unique micro-climate, and distinctive growing techniques yields the very best tasting pears.  Many other pears - often shipped in from outside the United States - are picked early, days or weeks before they are truly ripe! We always hand-pick our pears at the peak of ripeness, allowing the warm Virginia sun and cool Blue Ridge Mountain air to give our pears their full, unique flavor.

You might notice that some of our pears have small nicks, spots, or marks. We affectionately call them beauty marks, as we cultivate our fruit to be the very best tasting, sometimes at the expense of their good looks. Despite their blemishes, we promise that every pear you taste will be perfectly ripe, extremely juicy, and always satisfying.

Be sure to visit us. Our family looks forward to sharing our passion with yours.

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Youngsuk Estabrook and Virginia Gold Orchard on the cover of Southern Living's Mid-Atlantic issue

Youngsuk Estabrook and Virginia Gold Orchard on the cover of Southern Living's Mid-Atlantic issue

Our pears have been featured in Gourmet and Southern Living magazines, The Washington Post, The Richmond-Times Dispatch, The Korea Times, FOX 21/27 Morning News, and others! Click here to learn more about the farm and see our Press archive!

Asian Pears @ Virginia Gold Orchard