"... the best we have tasted..."  - The Washington Post



Our Asian pears are grown without harsh, restricted-use synthetic chemical insecticides and fungicides. The colors and markings are the result of being grown naturally in the warm Virginia sunshine. 


Asian pears are best when tree ripened. The texture and sweetness that makes this fruit so wonderfully different comes in its last weeks on the tree. Most people have a "WOW! This is great!" reaction with the first taste of a tree ripened Asian pear. 


Each pear has been inspected at least three times during the growing season. Small and misshapen fruit are removed during the initial hand thinning and the follow-up thinnings. When picking time comes, we remove the fruits' stems and again inspect them before packing them into trays and placing them into coolers. A final check is done when your fruit is packed into the box for your eating enjoyment.

We pick our pears when they are crisp and at the height of their sweetness. All of our mail ordered pears are ready to eat when you take them out of the box.


Since its inception, Mrs. Estabrook has run a program to develop new varieties better suited for the local climate and soils and with natural disease resistance.

The result of many years of careful development, testing and trials has given us two exceptional new varieties available for general sale. After their introduction in 2008, there was an immediate waiting list for the 2009 crop.

  • "Sweet-N-Sour" is a high flavor pear that brings out the sweet pear flavor with a hint of tartness. This large pear has small brown lenticels on its clear yellow-green skin.

  • "Sunburst" is a large sweet pear that excels in flavor and sugar over the traditional varieties developed for the Asian climate. It has a unique brown russeted area around the stem area of the pear.