Welcome to Virginia Gold Orchard

"As crunchy as an apple, as juicy as a melon!"

Asian Pears @ Virginia Gold Orchard

We will be open starting on Saturday, August 27!

Please note that due to a severe frost this Spring, the 2016 crop will be very small and we have to limit purchase quantities at each visit.  If you are travelling a very far distance, please call ahead to make sure we have pears in stock: (540) 817-9253 or (540) 291-1481.

Click HERE for directions and other details about visiting the farm.

Virginia Gold Orchard is a family-run farm dedicated to growing the very best tasting Asian pears.  

Asian pears are unique, but what makes Virginia Gold Orchard special is the fact that its pears are considered by many to be the best they have ever tasted. Many other pears - often shipped in from outside the United States - are picked green, days or weeks before they are truly ripe! We always pick our pears at the peak of ripeness, allowing the warm Virginia sun to give our pears their full, unique flavor. We then lovingly pack each box ourselves here at the orchard, by hand, to ensure only the very best pears reach you.

Our pears has been featured in Gourmet and Southern Living magazines, The Washington Post, The Korea Times, and FOX Morning News (see video below).

Samples are free at the orchard, so be sure to visit us each fall to try a pear!