Mail-order gift boxes now available!

Mix and match from our three signature farm preserves to create your own 2- or 4-jar gift box!

Please note that the Orchard will be closed for the Holidays from December 20-28. Orders requesting a ship date during this time will be sent out Dec. 19th.

  • Homemade Asian Pear Marmalade - Our very own Asian pears are cooked and preserved with oranges and ginger, giving it a unique zingy flavor. Perfect on fresh biscuits, baked into muffins or tarts, or simply dress up your morning toast!

  • Homemade Asian Pear Dessert Topping - The same flavor of our classic marmalade, but in a dessert topping!  Our Asian Pear Dessert Topping is prepared to be smoother straight out of the jar, so you can enjoy it on ice cream, cheesecake, fruit salads, or anything else your sweet tooth craves!

  • Local Raw Honey (**currently sold out**) - Darker and more flavorful than conventional store bought honey, ours is a mix of wildflower and pear blossom honey.
    ** Our honey is currently sold out, but we will be reharvesting honey again soon and will announce when it is back in stock! Asian Pear marmalade and topping are still in stock and ready to order :)

Asian Pear Marmalade and Dessert Topping Ingredients: Asian pears, sugar, pectin, oranges, lemons, citric acid, and ginger.  

Each jar contains 8 fl oz:
2-jar gift box contains total 16 fl oz
4-jar gift box contains total 32 fl oz

Virginia Gold Orchard 4-Jar Gift Box

Contains your choice of four (4) jars

  • 4 jars of local raw wild-flower honey

  • 2 jars of local raw wild-flower honey & 2 jars of Asian Pear Marmalade

  • 4 jars of Asian Pear Marmalade

$29.99/box + Shipping (depending on distance, calculated at checkout)

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